MILESTONE Photography Michigan

Let's Freeze A Photograph Of Time


During the preceding year of your kid's life, they are developing vast amounts at a time. Brief they are this small, powerless little being relying upon you for everything. Do you want your Toddler Photography in Michigan?

You see, when you have a newborn child, regardless of whether you’re first, last, spontaneous, or planned; they develop and change so rapidly that first year in a real sense overnight.


The little fingers get thick, those wrinkle brows smooth out, the gummy smiles get teeth, that calmly resting little unicorn transforms into a fun, brave, thrill-looking for baby right in front of you. 

Enjoy Milestones Sessions Photography


You can enjoy these milestone photo sessions with our team of professionals who use awesome backgrounds and all other photo design ideas according to your baby's age. A toddler can walk or run and is often more than one year of age.


From one year to the next, you can make milestones photography anytime you wish and want. In case if you have some confusion, we would love to answer your queries.  You need to make us a call or leave us a comment. We made a specific background, a specific environment, and a specific expert from the team for each milestone.

Objective to Do Milestone Photography


The objective is to catch what's going on and diverse for your youngster instead of a particular age. 

Why IS Milestone Photography Important?


You may end up asking, "are achievement pictures truly significant?" The appropriate response is consistent, yes! 


When your kid gets more experienced, you will have a yearly image of them from their school in any event. 

The preceding year is brimming with such countless energizing minutes, and it will appear to fly. Take many pictures during this season of quick change. 

Alex plans to keep props restricted with the goal of total consideration towards your child. Outfits ought to be kept basic:


  • Rompers

  • Diaper covers

  • Shorts

  • Bare feet

  • Small, fragile headbands with the plan that we can zero in on your little one.

How Do I Take Toddler's Milestone Photos?

Some things are generally worthy of archiving:

  • Your child's first shower

  • First yawn

  • Wrap up

  • Your child's first ideal opportunity to rest inside their nursery 


Praising every achievement with your child is perhaps the best piece of parenthood. 
Here are seven innovative ideas for taking cute child achievement photographs:


  • Straightforward AND CLASSIC 


  • Keep your child milestone photographs fascinating 

  • Adding your child's most loved toys makes the milestone photograph more lovable as well as more significant.




If you are searching for a professional milestone photographer in Michigan, Look no place further as you are at the perfect spot. The best toddler photographer in Michigan is ready to photograph all the milestone stages of your baby including cake smash birthday parties.


Alex has practical experience in all kind of child photography at ease in your own home. She provides her services in Mount Clemens, Macomb County, Oakland County and Wayne County, in cost ranging between $295-495 per session.